My first attempt at brisket on the bbq

I did this in April but I am just posting this now.

After watching the show BBQ Pitmasters on the Discovery channel with everyone cooking Brisket  and never even trying it I had decided to give this a go for myself.

I was with a friend Joe on a Saturday morning and we decided to take a drive to European Meats in the Kensington Market in Toronto. where they had Brisket for sale, I bought a 6 lb. hunk for $18.00 and brought it home.

I found a recipe video nicely done by the BBQ PitBoys that I would try on-line and then with a couple of suggestions from DivaQ of Twitter and facebook fame I started my low & slow.

I started by putting some mustard over the piece of meat and then coating with a mixture of spices (see the video I linked for the list) and then into the fridge for overnight.

Ten O’clock in the morning I started up the BBQ, first putting a foil pan under where I would have the Brisket along with some water in the pan so that the meat would not dry out. I turned on the burner opposite the meat (for indirect heating) looking for a 250 -275 degree F temp

I placed the meat on the warming rack since I was using the BBQ more like an oven than a grill

A couple of years ago I had cut down a Cherry Tree in my backyard that had died and cut up a log from that into chunks and soaked the chunks in water for 30 minutes. I then took a handful of them and wrapped then in foil poked some holes in the top and placed the pack on top of the burner (Propane Grill) closed the lid and let it cook for a couple of hours. This will cause a smoking to occur while it cooks.

I also made a mopping sauce which I then mopped the top every 30 minutes or so.

Got to love the Dollar Store to get a good mop.

This cooked for over 8 hours (switching out more wood packs every hour and a half or so to keep the smoke happening)8

Then I wrapped the meat in foil for another hour in the BBQ

Then it sat in a empty picnic cooler for 2 hours to rest still wrapped in foil and also wrapped in an old towel

I then started making some Mashed potatoes and Gravy along with some Asparagus coated in Olive oil with a little salt and BBQ’d direct for a few minutes. I also made Walter Jetton’s Barbecue Sauce from scratch using this recipe  very nice flavour and easy to make.

Sliced up the meat and served, I think it turned out pretty good,

We finished eating at Ten O’clock pm so the whole process was 12 hours, and surprisingly the Propane tank did not empty.

This was the longest I ever cooked something, it was a great experience.


About Wilfred Reinke
Married with 3 kids and 2 grandkids, Owner of Oshawa Laser Supply Computers-Printers-Paper Sales, Loves to BBQ and learning more about it.

2 Responses to My first attempt at brisket on the bbq

  1. Diva Q says:

    Looks really yummy congratulations!

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