Rockin’ Rotary Rib-fest – Bomanville Ontario Canada – June 12th 2010

On Saturday June 12th 2010 The Oshawa Ogre traveled east (about 15 minutes) to Bomanville, Ontario to attend the annual Rib-fest held by the Rotary Club.  you can visit their website here

I have now attended the last 3 years, and I look forward to it every year.

Competitors from 7 different BBQ Rib Teams bring their grills and sell their succulent Ribs, Chicken, Pulled Pork and sauces for the community to have a great meal, drink a few beers and get together with local friends and listen to the band.

The teams are mostly from the Ontario area of Canada and are part of a circuit that visits various small cities trying to get the top votes from the locals.

My first stop was to get a Funnel Cake .

I have never had the pleasure of eating one of these before so I bought one with Ice cream and Strawberries to share with my friend Bob and his Wife Susan.

It cost $10.00 Canadian and is basically a deep-fried pastry that is poured into the deep-fried with a funnel, hence the name Funnel Cakes., I enjoyed it as a nice treat and now I could take a walk around the park to visit the Rib teams.

It was a very over cast evening here, and it had rained pretty heavy all day but it did not dampen the atmosphere and there was a great turn out. luckily it did not rain while I was in the park.

as with All of the photos in my Blog you can look at the full size pictures by clicking on them with your mouse.

And now I give to you the team that I decided I would give my money to, Boss Hogs out of London Ontario

They use Apple and Cherry hard woods for their grill and my Friends Bob & Susan along with another friend Herman  buy Ribs from them every year, they are very tasty and have a great sauce of which I bought a jar of for.

I paid $22.00 for the full rack of ribs and $6.00 for the extra bottle of sauce

That is me on the left, and on the right are a couple our local finest that came to check out their very first Rib-fest Sorry no donuts here boys!

There was also a midway at the park and some various other booths some serving Caribbean food and even a Pizza Pizza booth, who would go to a Rib-fest to buy Pizza? But they did do some business, there was also a beer tent and a live band, a great way to spend an evening.

I will also be attending the Oshawa Rib-fest later in the season and I am not sure at this point but I may try to attend the Father’s Day Rib-fest June 18th-20th at Woodbine Park in Toronto Called Beach Rib-fest which looks like will have more competitions than the local ones do.


About Wilfred Reinke
Married with 3 kids and 2 grandkids, Owner of Oshawa Laser Supply Computers-Printers-Paper Sales, Loves to BBQ and learning more about it.

5 Responses to Rockin’ Rotary Rib-fest – Bomanville Ontario Canada – June 12th 2010

  1. Gary says:

    I am so jealous! Looks like tons if great gun! How could you only buy Ribs, sauce and a Funnel cake? Geeze, so much good food 🙂 glad you had a good time.


    • Wilfred Reinke says:

      It was a lot of fun, wish I could of bought more but I was going out to a friends after, I have had the chicken and pulled pork in previous years and that is also very good

  2. Hello Wilfred.
    Thank you for your email and for your review of our “Third Annual Rockin’ Rotary Ribfest”. We are happy that you have been able to attend each year and are sure that you have seen some of the positive changes that we have made over the last three years. This past Sunday wrapped up another successful year for us and Ribfest and plans for next year have already begun. I have noted your suggestions and your comments to share with the Bowmanville Rotary Club on Tuesday morning at our meeting as we appreciate any and all feedback.

    Thanks again for the review and the pictures and look forward to your review next year.

    Jennifer Hutchinson
    Non-Food Vendor Coordinator
    Rotary Club of Bowmanville

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