#FF Forward Fridays – My Top 10 BBQ personalities on twitter

Thanks to Wayne & Garth for presenting my Top 10 Tweople in BBQ

Today is Friday and on Twitter the community will make a #FF list in a post to let others know who are some of their favourite people that they follow on the social networking site.

Now for my self I follow a lot of Sport personalities and I enjoy reading their tweets and finding out first hand what is happening in the World of Sports but today I will talk about another passion of mine and that is BBQ, in the last year or so I have been learning more and more about how to BBQ not just throwing some burgers and dogs on the grill but actually doing some cool cooking recipes on my BBQ.

I have been posting some of my recipes on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/oshawaogre and that is a lot of fun. but I have really been enjoying using twitter to find a lot of cool recipes and reading other blogs from the BBQ community.

As a matter a fact I can credit the twitter community for giving me the inspiration to start writing in my blog once again.

So today I would like to suggest here some of my favourite twitter people who I really enjoy spending some time with.

Although I put this in a top ten format, I hope that I am not hurting anyones feelings for where they are on the list or if they did not make the top 10. As of today I have over 180 people who I am following and maybe half of them are BBQ related and I value them all, but there are some that I consider fun friends on the site that I talk with every day.

Here are my top 10 as of today.

Making a top 10 was a difficult decision since there are so many other people I would have liked to mention, (which I do on twitter when i send out my #FF’s on the twitter site.

Honourable mention must also go to these people from the BBQ community (sorry if I missed any of you)

@CookingOutdoors – Has a great website in which he shows great recipes for BBQ and Dutch Oven Cooking
@DesertSmokeBBQ  – Another fun-loving BBQ’er
@GrillGrrl  – A great Gal in Florida that show that Women can do what ever men can do on a grill
@Grilliantideas – Once again  a friendly guy that talks a good game on BBQ and Life
@HogsGoneWildBBQ – The name says it all doesn’t it 
@shesmokebbq A fine BBQ Writer that joins the fun and has a great website too
@BBQGrail What can I say he is my hero, he invented the MOINK Ball and is a great BBQ twitter friend

There are many more that i could talk about and i am sure that I will in future posts and there are those that I am yet to follow but first I have to find them.

I am hoping that this post will inspire you to check out these great people who I have met in cyberspace and you too will enjoy their tweets like I do now.


About Wilfred Reinke
Married with 3 kids and 2 grandkids, Owner of Oshawa Laser Supply Computers-Printers-Paper Sales, Loves to BBQ and learning more about it.

8 Responses to #FF Forward Fridays – My Top 10 BBQ personalities on twitter

  1. Tom Porter says:

    With great people like you around, the laughs come easy! Gotta say I love the pictures and blog articles you’ve been doing, very infromative yet not overly done and always entertaining. Keep up the great work and thanks for honoring me with being on your list.

    • Wilfred Reinke says:

      Thanks for the very kind words and again for all the laughs, it is a great time late night on twitter

  2. Zydecopaws says:

    Hey, I tweet during the day too. Sometimes. Ok, once in awhile. On a random basis.

    And thanks for the shout out, nice to know I’m in someone’s top ten. 😉

    Paul, No Excuses BBQ

    • Wilfred Reinke says:

      Check to see if you can see a reflection of yourself in a mirror., and how do I look with this string of garlic around my neck?

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  4. GaryGlen says:

    Damn that Tom! I just can’t seem to keep up with him! Nice list…some great minds and great people!

    • Wilfred Reinke says:

      Now if I do another list maybe I can do the top 10 bloggers from Chicago that rock a Hawaiian shirt and knows how to cook, you could top that list…. maybe

  5. Sara Broers says:

    Nice list~ interesting people and some cool blogs to check out!

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