Caveman and Dinosaur “Un-Earthed” in Small Town Ontario!

Yesterday I had to drive to Bloomfield Ontario (near Trenton) to pick up an order of paper and on the way back I passed a piece of land where Dibbits Excavating out of Brighton had a few piles of Earth along with the machinery to produce Top Soil , I happened to glance over while driving past and I just had to pull over and grab my camera out of the glove box.

It seems that in this Small Town area of Ontario the Dibbits workers must have a lot of time on their hands since instead of using the machinery it appears they decided to excavate this hill of dirt by hand. And look what they found?

a bit of a close up

This will show you the size of this compared to one of their trucks next to it

As you can see this is formed out of a pile of Top Soil not sand as most skulptures would be.

Here is a shot of the rest of the machinery they have there.

I enjoy going on this drive (go about once a month) it is a nice drive and there are many things along the way that will catch my fancy.

For instance I also passed a farm along the way and in front he had this full size  statue that was interesting.

Betsy is made of Cast Iron I think, and she watched me drive in and leave without blinking an eye, Most people would have Gargoyle’s to protect their property but not this place.

I also passed a fresh Raspberry stand , box for $3.00 so I thought that would be a nice snack for the trip home, I stopped and got out of the car and on the table was 3 boxes of raspberries a cash box and a sign reading Self-Serve, I opened the cash box added my $3.00 took my berries and left, now the cash box had $20 or $30 in there, I know that if that stand was in the big city the box would have been empty., It is a different life in small town Ontario, a lot more trust and honesty.

Last winter I made a couple of new friends at the side of the road, to bad I did not have a sugar cube or an apple for them.

Here are a couple of old classics that were in the front yard of a house, when I stopped to take the picture one of the residents came out and we talked for a few minutes and I was told that some day they wanted to rebuild their “babies”

this was one of my favorites though that I took in October 2009 on another drive to the same area 1946 Chevy truck that i thought was just gorgeous and it is a pic that turned out really well considering that I used my cell phone on that one.

I wonder what I will find out there next month?, in the city I tend to be more in a hurry to get where I am headed do my business and get back asap but when I go out to the country I am more tempted to take my time and enjoy the scenery all the while enjoying the tunes on my cars stereo, for my trip today I listened to the Guess who and Gordon Lightfoot, very relaxing.

Make sure that when your out on your travels to take the time and enjoy our world, it can be a lot more interesting than the concrete jungles of the big city.


About Wilfred Reinke
Married with 3 kids and 2 grandkids, Owner of Oshawa Laser Supply Computers-Printers-Paper Sales, Loves to BBQ and learning more about it.

2 Responses to Caveman and Dinosaur “Un-Earthed” in Small Town Ontario!

  1. Wow Wilfred these are some pretty amazing pictures!

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