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Rockin’ Rotary Rib-fest – Bomanville Ontario Canada – June 12th 2010

On Saturday June 12th 2010 The Oshawa Ogre traveled east (about 15 minutes) to Bomanville, Ontario to attend the annual Rib-fest held by the Rotary Club.  you can visit their website here

I have now attended the last 3 years, and I look forward to it every year.

Competitors from 7 different BBQ Rib Teams bring their grills and sell their succulent Ribs, Chicken, Pulled Pork and sauces for the community to have a great meal, drink a few beers and get together with local friends and listen to the band.

The teams are mostly from the Ontario area of Canada and are part of a circuit that visits various small cities trying to get the top votes from the locals.

My first stop was to get a Funnel Cake .

I have never had the pleasure of eating one of these before so I bought one with Ice cream and Strawberries to share with my friend Bob and his Wife Susan.

It cost $10.00 Canadian and is basically a deep-fried pastry that is poured into the deep-fried with a funnel, hence the name Funnel Cakes., I enjoyed it as a nice treat and now I could take a walk around the park to visit the Rib teams.

It was a very over cast evening here, and it had rained pretty heavy all day but it did not dampen the atmosphere and there was a great turn out. luckily it did not rain while I was in the park.

as with All of the photos in my Blog you can look at the full size pictures by clicking on them with your mouse.

And now I give to you the team that I decided I would give my money to, Boss Hogs out of London Ontario

They use Apple and Cherry hard woods for their grill and my Friends Bob & Susan along with another friend Herman  buy Ribs from them every year, they are very tasty and have a great sauce of which I bought a jar of for.

I paid $22.00 for the full rack of ribs and $6.00 for the extra bottle of sauce

That is me on the left, and on the right are a couple our local finest that came to check out their very first Rib-fest Sorry no donuts here boys!

There was also a midway at the park and some various other booths some serving Caribbean food and even a Pizza Pizza booth, who would go to a Rib-fest to buy Pizza? But they did do some business, there was also a beer tent and a live band, a great way to spend an evening.

I will also be attending the Oshawa Rib-fest later in the season and I am not sure at this point but I may try to attend the Father’s Day Rib-fest June 18th-20th at Woodbine Park in Toronto Called Beach Rib-fest which looks like will have more competitions than the local ones do.