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Whole lota shaking goin on North of the border -EarthQuake – Thank Twitter

So at 1:45 pm June 23rd 2010 Eastern June 23rd 2010,  I am on my computer in the basement of my house here in Oshawa, Ontario Canada and my chair moves, I had thought that my Dog had nudged me, but I look down and no dog, then I noticed that something I had hanging on a shelf was twitching. Ok now I knew that we were having an Earthquake.

Within 1 minute Twitter messages were popping up like crazy!, post like :,ok what just happened” and “WTF”, people were feeling it from Ottawa to London (Ontario) to Sudbury and into Michigan too, From what I gather it originated north of Ottawa and was a 5.5. (may have been downgraded to 5.0)

I am so glad that I am on Twitter, since news of this spread across the globe, I had friends in Holland message me to see if we were ok and this is within minutes and the news wires did not even have it yet.

Thank goodness everything here is ok, it is still early but hearing reports of minor injuries and ceiling tiles falling in some buildings in Ottawa. I hope that is the extent of it.

They say it occurred 15 km below the surface and was felt for a 500 km radius but remember a lot of the first news is not confirmed.

The last time I felt an earthquake was perhaps 20 years ago sitting at the dining room table  I noticed our spider plant swaying back and forth about 6 inches. and we were on the 15th floor where it is felt stronger than at ground level.

But today being in the basement and feeling it was a little spooky, one of my Twitter friends mentioned how it is a common thing in Southern California and that is true but up here when it happens we get a little rattled (pun intended)

Mother Nature is playing some games around the world of late. Meh lets blame it on BP

Hmmm It is really hot today and the Earthquake has made me hungry, what shall I make for dinner?……. I know Shake & Bake



a couple of things I found out since posting…..

No serious injuries but some buildings damaged and a road on a causeway collapsed

you can read about it here

Further Update ….

Saw this from one of my facebook friends thought it was funny

and see a video

of government session while the earthquake happened, is it just me or is the guy sitting down just totally oblivious to what is happening around him?