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Whole lota shaking goin on North of the border -EarthQuake – Thank Twitter

So at 1:45 pm June 23rd 2010 Eastern June 23rd 2010,  I am on my computer in the basement of my house here in Oshawa, Ontario Canada and my chair moves, I had thought that my Dog had nudged me, but I look down and no dog, then I noticed that something I had hanging on a shelf was twitching. Ok now I knew that we were having an Earthquake.

Within 1 minute Twitter messages were popping up like crazy!, post like :,ok what just happened” and “WTF”, people were feeling it from Ottawa to London (Ontario) to Sudbury and into Michigan too, From what I gather it originated north of Ottawa and was a 5.5. (may have been downgraded to 5.0)

I am so glad that I am on Twitter, since news of this spread across the globe, I had friends in Holland message me to see if we were ok and this is within minutes and the news wires did not even have it yet.

Thank goodness everything here is ok, it is still early but hearing reports of minor injuries and ceiling tiles falling in some buildings in Ottawa. I hope that is the extent of it.

They say it occurred 15 km below the surface and was felt for a 500 km radius but remember a lot of the first news is not confirmed.

The last time I felt an earthquake was perhaps 20 years ago sitting at the dining room table  I noticed our spider plant swaying back and forth about 6 inches. and we were on the 15th floor where it is felt stronger than at ground level.

But today being in the basement and feeling it was a little spooky, one of my Twitter friends mentioned how it is a common thing in Southern California and that is true but up here when it happens we get a little rattled (pun intended)

Mother Nature is playing some games around the world of late. Meh lets blame it on BP

Hmmm It is really hot today and the Earthquake has made me hungry, what shall I make for dinner?……. I know Shake & Bake



a couple of things I found out since posting…..

No serious injuries but some buildings damaged and a road on a causeway collapsed

you can read about it here

Further Update ….

Saw this from one of my facebook friends thought it was funny

and see a video

of government session while the earthquake happened, is it just me or is the guy sitting down just totally oblivious to what is happening around him?

#FF Forward Fridays – My Top 10 BBQ personalities on twitter

Thanks to Wayne & Garth for presenting my Top 10 Tweople in BBQ

Today is Friday and on Twitter the community will make a #FF list in a post to let others know who are some of their favourite people that they follow on the social networking site.

Now for my self I follow a lot of Sport personalities and I enjoy reading their tweets and finding out first hand what is happening in the World of Sports but today I will talk about another passion of mine and that is BBQ, in the last year or so I have been learning more and more about how to BBQ not just throwing some burgers and dogs on the grill but actually doing some cool cooking recipes on my BBQ.

I have been posting some of my recipes on youtube and that is a lot of fun. but I have really been enjoying using twitter to find a lot of cool recipes and reading other blogs from the BBQ community.

As a matter a fact I can credit the twitter community for giving me the inspiration to start writing in my blog once again.

So today I would like to suggest here some of my favourite twitter people who I really enjoy spending some time with.

Although I put this in a top ten format, I hope that I am not hurting anyones feelings for where they are on the list or if they did not make the top 10. As of today I have over 180 people who I am following and maybe half of them are BBQ related and I value them all, but there are some that I consider fun friends on the site that I talk with every day.

Here are my top 10 as of today.

Making a top 10 was a difficult decision since there are so many other people I would have liked to mention, (which I do on twitter when i send out my #FF’s on the twitter site.

Honourable mention must also go to these people from the BBQ community (sorry if I missed any of you)

@CookingOutdoors – Has a great website in which he shows great recipes for BBQ and Dutch Oven Cooking
@DesertSmokeBBQ  – Another fun-loving BBQ’er
@GrillGrrl  – A great Gal in Florida that show that Women can do what ever men can do on a grill
@Grilliantideas – Once again  a friendly guy that talks a good game on BBQ and Life
@HogsGoneWildBBQ – The name says it all doesn’t it 
@shesmokebbq A fine BBQ Writer that joins the fun and has a great website too
@BBQGrail What can I say he is my hero, he invented the MOINK Ball and is a great BBQ twitter friend

There are many more that i could talk about and i am sure that I will in future posts and there are those that I am yet to follow but first I have to find them.

I am hoping that this post will inspire you to check out these great people who I have met in cyberspace and you too will enjoy their tweets like I do now.

A Little Blue Bird Told Me

I have been using Twitter for a number of months now and I have to say that it is a fantastic networking tool, A lot of non users say why should I care when someone says they are eating a sandwich or going to the bank?, Sure there are some that announce silly things of non substance on the site, but being able to choose who you follow allows you to weed them out if you do not care for their tweets.

Here is what I use twitter for….
Sports related,
I follow my favorite sports teams “Official Tweets” from the Toronto Blue Jays Raptors and my beloved Maple Leafs like @LeafspaceMonika
but I also follow the announcers, bloggers and reporters so that I can get the lates news and opinions first thing before the news agencies get there hands on it.
Guys like @Eklund for rumours @Steve_Dangle for wildly funny recaps of the games I never miss his Vlogs and he like other youtubers use twitter to announce when new vids are posted.
And then there is @blogesalming that makes fuuny videos of Hockey players and manaegment, mostly about my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs
No they do not post their videos on Twitter but rather can announce when their Blogs or Vlogs are posted along with a convienient link to the page.

Are you a news junkie? you can get your lasted updates from Sports stations or News networks. Find out about that major trade or an earthquake 10 seconds after they occur.

I also follow a whole group of BBQ folk and there is never a dull moment with this group I will tell you what! (yes that was a poor King of the hill quotation)

Wow what a great bunch of people that are here, these friendly ladies and gents both professional and backyard masters alike post on Twitter with links to cool recipes or advertising great BBQ events from accross North America and also keep each others entertained with their wit & wisdoms.

Wonderful women like @cyndiallison,that is one of the best online writers that I have ever read, you can find her on a few different cooking blogs and teaching a great college class in the North Carolina @DivaQ is a Canadian Gal in Barrie Ontario that longs to be a BBQ Pitmaster on the show on the Discovery channel, you can also find her on local TV Shows showing us how to make awesome AMT”s and other great BBQ’d foods.

And from the guys we have the inventor of MOINKS @BBQGrail (google it if you have no idea) and others such as the king Of Dutch Oven Cooking @CookingOutdoors @GaryGlen is another from Chicago and I know that him and I will have a few discussions of his Chicago Sports teams and teams from the Center of the Universe here in Toronto, but he is more known as a BBQ guy with a great facebook page that shows tons of cool BBQ related pictures and stories.

Seriously what a fantastic group of Professional Pitmasters and Back Yard Weekend Warriors like myself.

The best thing about this is that the interaction that you can have with people that are in the fields that you have interest in, yes you can send a message to a celeb if that is your thing, or just make new friends either locally or across the county.

This is so much more than just telling the world what you are doing, advertising products or announcing tour dates, or finding out that there is a big BBQ fest in Memphis TN and knowing who is there and what is going on right at that moment.

Who knows maybe you will even meet your new best friend there, I know I did.