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Caveman and Dinosaur “Un-Earthed” in Small Town Ontario!

Yesterday I had to drive to Bloomfield Ontario (near Trenton) to pick up an order of paper and on the way back I passed a piece of land where Dibbits Excavating out of Brighton had a few piles of Earth along with the machinery to produce Top Soil , I happened to glance over while driving past and I just had to pull over and grab my camera out of the glove box.

It seems that in this Small Town area of Ontario the Dibbits workers must have a lot of time on their hands since instead of using the machinery it appears they decided to excavate this hill of dirt by hand. And look what they found?

a bit of a close up

This will show you the size of this compared to one of their trucks next to it

As you can see this is formed out of a pile of Top Soil not sand as most skulptures would be.

Here is a shot of the rest of the machinery they have there.

I enjoy going on this drive (go about once a month) it is a nice drive and there are many things along the way that will catch my fancy.

For instance I also passed a farm along the way and in front he had this full size  statue that was interesting.

Betsy is made of Cast Iron I think, and she watched me drive in and leave without blinking an eye, Most people would have Gargoyle’s to protect their property but not this place.

I also passed a fresh Raspberry stand , box for $3.00 so I thought that would be a nice snack for the trip home, I stopped and got out of the car and on the table was 3 boxes of raspberries a cash box and a sign reading Self-Serve, I opened the cash box added my $3.00 took my berries and left, now the cash box had $20 or $30 in there, I know that if that stand was in the big city the box would have been empty., It is a different life in small town Ontario, a lot more trust and honesty.

Last winter I made a couple of new friends at the side of the road, to bad I did not have a sugar cube or an apple for them.

Here are a couple of old classics that were in the front yard of a house, when I stopped to take the picture one of the residents came out and we talked for a few minutes and I was told that some day they wanted to rebuild their “babies”

this was one of my favorites though that I took in October 2009 on another drive to the same area 1946 Chevy truck that i thought was just gorgeous and it is a pic that turned out really well considering that I used my cell phone on that one.

I wonder what I will find out there next month?, in the city I tend to be more in a hurry to get where I am headed do my business and get back asap but when I go out to the country I am more tempted to take my time and enjoy the scenery all the while enjoying the tunes on my cars stereo, for my trip today I listened to the Guess who and Gordon Lightfoot, very relaxing.

Make sure that when your out on your travels to take the time and enjoy our world, it can be a lot more interesting than the concrete jungles of the big city.

I made the manliest cooking video this guy had ever seen:

For those of you that do not know, I have been playing the soccer management sim game since 2003

And one of the great things I like about the game is it’s community. I know people all over the globe because of hattrick.

It has just under 1 million users from around the world.

A couple of days ago I joined a federation within hattrick called “Federation of Football Foodies” where we talk about food and recipes and such.

You see hattrick is not only about soccer it has a community that is diverse and will talk about anything.

Anyways I had written a post talking about one of my youtube videos for BBQ and DarykJozef from the USA replied to  the posting by sending this message (that everyone else in the federation can see)

I stumbled upon your YouTube videos via the thread in non-HT USA, and I think it’s worth saying that this is the manliest cooking video I’ve ever seen:
(part two, for you lazy folks: (

1. You’re BBQing outdoors in the snow.

2. Your primary utensil is a knife that looks like it could gut a deer in a pinch.

3. You’re wearing a camouflage T-shirt.

4. I may need to re-count, but I think there are six different kinds of meat in this dish.

5. I’m pretty sure I sprouted a couple of chest hairs while watching it.

6. I’m suddenly very, very hungry, and threw away the rest of my ham sandwich for being too meek.


I have to tell you that response made my day!

And yes it does have 6 kinds of meat in it

Ground Beef

Ground Chicken

Ground Turkey



and Pepperoni.

I will post a blog about my Monster Meatlovers Meatloaf in the coming days but this week-end is all about the MOINK

The Highway of Heroes Honours another Fallen Canadian Soldier

Today at 3:52 pm a motorcade carrying the casket of 42 year old Col. Geoff Parker of the Royal Canadian Regiment that was killed in Afghanistan Tuesday in an attack on a Nato Convoy drove past me as I took these pictures of the Canadian public, some Veterans and local firefighters paid tribute to them as they traveled the Highway of Heroes.

For those of you that are not aware of this emotional practice, when one of our Canadian Armed Force is killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan he or she is transported after a ramp ceremony at Kandahar Airfield and then is flown back to CFB Trenton for a repatriation ceremony and then is driven in a motorcade along Hwy 401 from Trenton to the Don Valley Parkway and then on to Downtown Toronto for an Autopsy before going to the soldiers final resting place.

That stretch of Hwy 401 was renamed the Highway of Heroes because of the outpouring of support that started at the Grass roots level by ordinary Canadians.

Even though the motorcade does not go through Oshawa till approx. 4 pm people start lining every bridge along the route at least a couple of hours earlier. and this is rain or shine or even snowstorms!

and other than the people waving at cars as they pass under them and then the cars honk their horns in support, most of the time is spent in quiet reflection.

and as seen here there are also Veterans that come out in full dress and flags to salute our heroes.

As Canadians we remember our fallen every November 11th by wearing a poppy and this event that happens to each and every one of our fighting personnel that are returned to their loved ones to be buried on our own soil is both heartbreaking and breathtaking and tugs on our patriotic sleeves and on our emotions.

Pride but sadness for our fallen

Today I had the opportunity once again to witness our Canadian Pride as we saluted two more of our Canadian soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice.
Today Master Corporal Pat Audet and Corporal Martin Joannette traveled the Highway of Heroes from Trenton along the 401 Highway down to the DVP into Toronto.
Both brave men were killed in a during a take-off attempt involving a Canadian CH-146 Griffon helicopter.

They became the 123rd and 124th armed forces members to die in Afghanistan.

I get a lump in my throat every time I see scores of people lining every single bridge overpass along the 401 in the region of Durham (Oshawa to Ajax) in which I travel very often for work.

As you can see in the picture above that I took with my cell phone (yes I pulled over first) there is a mixture of young and not so young Canadians with banners and flags that wave at all of the drivers that pass below them and then cheer and salute the procession as it passes them on the way to Toronto where the soldiers go for autopsy before being transported to their final resting place.
Also on the bridges are ambulances and Firetrucks that have their crews standing on top of the emergency vehicles paying respect to the soldiers as if they are brothers in arms.

For most of these trips along the Highway of Heros they travel through Durham around four in the afternoon but the Canadians that are waiting for them arrive at the bridges before Two O’clock and it does not matter if it is hot, cold, dry or wet the bridges are full of people.

Once the procession has passed most of the people just quietly leave the bridges and walk home or get into their cars and go back to what they would normally do.

It is a terrible thing when we lose our brave protectors that put in the effort to not only protect our lives and values but also trying to help people in far away lands. It makes no difference if we are for or against the effort in Afghanistan, but what does matter is that we support these brave young men and women.

I have not heard of any other countries that have a system like ours here in Canada that has a Highway of Heros which started just on its own, not something that was done by our government but rather ordinary Canadians that just knew what needed to be done.

Any of us that watch Hockey Night in Canada know that Don Cherry will salute our fallen at the end of Coaches Corner and most of the time Don Gets choked up and has trouble getting out the words describing the “good old Canadian boys” and their families while showing the soldiers pictures on the TV screen standing proud next to our beautiful Red and White Canadian Flag.

Just consider too that our three original Canadian Hockey teams that were around in the 70’s have the nicknames Canadiens, Maple Leafs and Canucks showing pride in our Country.

I read a very interesting story a couple of weeks ago where a lady was on an airplane and on the plane there were also 10 Canadian Soldiers that were on their way to a training facility in another part of the country and the airline had those $5.00 snack boxes that they sell and when the flight attendant asked the soldiers if they would like one they said no since they could not afford to spend any money for that. The lady on the plane hearing that took $50.00 out of her pocket and gave it to the flight attendant with the instruction to give all 10 of the soldiers a snack box. A few of the other passengers noticed what the lady had done and one of them walked up to her and gave her $25.00 saying he did not want her to cover the cost by herself and then two more passengers also gave $25.00 each. So now she had $75.00 and you know what she did with the cash? She gave it to the soldiers so that they could buy them selves something else to eat or drink once they land.

Stories like that are they type that pull on your heart strings.

If you ever see a soldier while your out doing your own thing, walk up and shake their hands and let them know that we appreciate their efforts. and maybe even offer to by them a Timmies coffee and or a donut, it will make their day and most likely yours as well.